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All-time Raiders fantasy draft results: Rounds 18-19

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Russell Maryland Raiders

We’re almost out of the teens now. Just a reminder there are 25 rounds in this fantasy draft so the end is nigh. For our last two teen rounds, let’s see what the S&BP staff was able to add to their rosters full of legends.

To see the results for rounds 16-17, click here.

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 18

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 18 - 137 Tyler Willie Hall LB Effective LB who dominated Super Bowl XI against the Vikings
138 Marcus Wayne Hawkins OG The 5 time AFL all-star in the 60’s completes my offensive line.
139 Carl Bubba Smith DT AT 6'7", he had the speed and quichness to play DE too. But I'll keep him at 3-technique and watch QBs try to throw over him
140 Levi Monte Johnson LB Starting ILB for the Raiders glory years in the 70s including Super Bowl XI. Would've continued for SB XV if not for a career-ending knee injury in 1980.
141 RDreamer Kent McCloughan CB Together with Willie Brown, practically invented bump-and-run coverage and was so successful the NFL made rules to curb cornerback physicality.
142 BD Williams Russell Maryland DT Suiting up for Silver and Black in the twilight of his career, put up 10 sacks in 4 years as a starter
143 Goro Adam Treu C Reliable fill in at center and also long snapper
144 Ryan Reggie Nelson S Did have 5 interceptions and a pro bowl appearance in his first season in Oakland

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 19

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 19 - 145 Ryan Karl Joseph S Sort of weird to have this year’s safeties, but I will happily bet on a bright future for Joseph
146 Goro Matt Stinchcomb LT Functional player at the position
147 BD Williams Napoleon Harris MLB A sound signal caller on defense. Harris started for 3 years in the middle
148 RDreamer Samson Satele C Satele was a solid center in the days before Oakland built its current dominant line.
149 Levi Marquette King P Highest net punt average in Raiders history. Good thing there's no locker room presence in fantasy.
150 Carl Brad Van Pelt OLB Great for today's passing league. He excelled in coverage at 6'5".
151 Marcus James Trapp CB He didn’t get a lot of stats but he was a solid starting corner in the mid 90’s.
152 Tyler Lamarr Houston DE 16.5 sacks in four seasons with the Raiders

Tyler went linebacker with back-to-back picks between the 17th and 18th round to finish off his until led by Ted Hendricks. Then he added Lamarr Houston to go with Khalil Mack, giving him some versatile pass rushing from both the end and LB positions.

Linebackers are more common in the later rounds, mainly because there are only a few who stand out above the rest and each teams needs three of them. But with the rounds ticking down, the linebackers are no coming off the board.

I got my second linebacker in Monte Johnson to go with Dan Conners. The following round BD Williams and Carl also grabbed linebackers. BD’s selection of Napoleon Harris finished off his trio of linebackers along with Rod Martin and Thomas Howard.

We saw two centers selected in Adam Treu and Samson Satele taken by Goro and RDreamer respectively. It becomes just the second position in the draft to have all teams set at the position. The other was quarterback. Notable centers to go undrafted include Steve Sylvester and Jake Grove.

I took the third punter off the board, getting Marquette King. The others were, of course, Ray Guy and Shane Lechler owned by Goro and Tyler respectively. I also took the third kicker off the board in round 17.

Some positions unfilled include Goro’s wide receiver corps and guards. He has yet to draft a player at either position. Marcus still needs a couple linebackers and Tyler needs a couple defensive backs. Several of the staff has yet to draft a special teams player.

Just six rounds remain. That’s 48 players. Good times.