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All-time Raiders fantasy draft results: Rounds 20-21

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Max Montoya

We’re into the 20s now in our All-time fantasy draft which means there’s only a handful of picks left. There are still some worthy players to be had, so let’s see what each of us reeled in.

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All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 20

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 20 - 153 Tyler Jacoby Ford KR Returned 4 kickoffs for touchdowns in just 3 seasons
154 Marcus Grady Jackson DT I have my pass rushing DT in Bill Pickell, Grady Jackson is a great lane clogger to combo with him.
155 Carl Jack Squirek WLB How about a playmaking WILL with championship experience?
156 Levi Max Montoya OG Joined the Raiders fresh off his third Pro Bowl. He would spend five seasons in Oakland and earn his 4th Pro Bowl in that time.
157 RDreamer Kevin Gogan OG Big Nasty' spent three years with the Raiders after leaving Dallas and earned his first Pro Bowl bid with Oakland.
158 BD Williams Ike Lassiter DE 6’5 270lbs DE on the 1967 SuperBowl squad. AFL All-Star and 5 year starter for Raiders.
159 Goro Cooper Carlisle OG One of the few guards left
160 Ryan Philip Buchanon KR Averaged 11 yards per punt return as a Raider and returned two to the house in 3 seasons. He can also provide depth to secondary.

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 21

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 21 - 161 Ryan Jamize Olawale TE Great weapon for the Raiders. I will use him as a tight end on my team.
162 Goro Jim Lachey OT He was a stud but mostly for Washington after being traded for Jay Schroeder
163 BD Williams Stuart Schweigert S Started in 42 games in 3 seasons before injury cut his 4th year short. Solid all around safety with size to pair with Ronnie Lott
164 RDreamer Cordarrelle Patterson KR Was an excellent return man, a threat to score at any time.
165 Levi Jerry Robinson LB The one-time Pro Bowler appeared in 97 games for the Raiders over 7 years and was a fulltime starter throughout the late 80s.
166 Carl Joe Barksdale OT Looked good for the Raiders as a youngster but Dennis Allen brought in zone-blocking, making him expendable.
167 Marcus Gus Otto LB Otto was a 4 time all-pro from 1967 to 1970 during his 8 years with the Raiders.
168 Tyler Denarius Moore WR Productive four-year starter for the Raiders

We saw a bit of a run on guards in the 20th. With the non-glamorous position some of us had held off on getting a second guard for a while. I got it started with Max Montoya, then RDreamer got Kevin Gogan, and Goro finished it off with Cooper Carlisle.

Special teams is also getting some attention in these later rounds. I had gotten Marquette King in the 19th, Tyler and Ryan got their return specialists in Jacoby Ford and Philip Buchanon respectively, and then RDreamer got his return man in Cordarrelle Patterson in the 21st. With still 14 total spots open for special teamers, we will see a lot more special teams guys coming off the board in the final four rounds.

Marcus, Carl, and BD Williams have yet to draft a special teams players. Which means they have just one more pick left to make on offense or defense. Marcus needs a linebacker, Carl a tight end, and BD a tackle. There are some good players still left at all three positions, so it will be interesting to see who they get.

Goro is the only one who has drafted all his special teams players, getting Sebastian Janikowski, Ray Guy, and Rocket Ismail. On the other hand, he has yet to draft a wide receiver.

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