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All-time Raiders fantasy draft results: Rounds 22-23

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Los Angeles Raiders vs. San Francisco 49ers Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Hello, everyone. Things are moving a little slower for our draftees as we get into the later rounds. Much more research is needed to get just the right players many may have forgotten. Ok, let’s see, where are we?

To see the results for rounds 20-12, click here.

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 22

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 22 - 169 Tyler TJ Carrie CB Raiders most consistent CB for 4 years, can play both outside and in slot
170 Marcus Aaron Wallace LB Wallace never lived up to his 9 sack rookie year, but his 21 career sacks has him tied for 16 most in franchise history.
171 Carl Chris Bahr K I'm not sure about Bahr from 55-plus but if you get him in range in the clutch, he's money.
172 Levi Clarence Davis RS Holds Raiders fanchise record for kick return average (27.09) and a hell of a weapon out the backfield. Sea of Hands, anyone?
173 RDreamer Leo Araguz P Araguz was the Raiders punter from 1996-1999, and averaged 45 yards per punt in '97.
174 BD Williams Desmond Howard RS Another legendary football player whom briefly wore silver and black. He played his best pro football with the Raiders.
175 Goro Reggie McKenzie LB He can always move into our front office, too
176 Ryan Philip Wheeler LB Only played one season but it was a good one. 16 starts, 78 tackles and 3 sacks.

All-time Raiders fantasy draft round 23

Pick Team Player Position Notes
Pick Team Player Position Notes
Round 23 - 177 Ryan Steve Wright OT Played 6 seasons (79 games) as a Raider and started in 48 of them around 1990.
178 Goro Mike Brisiel G Tough, zone blocking guard
179 BD Williams Jeff Gossett P 3rd most punts and punt yards in Raiders history almost 20 rounds after Guy and Lechler =better value
180 RDreamer Winston Moss ED A four-year starter for the Raiders in the early 90s, Moss had 102 tackles in 1993.
181 Levi Tom Keating DT Fulltime starting DT in the late 60s/early 70s, named to two Pro Bowls and one All Pro
182 Carl Kevin Stemke P Someone has to punt for me. He did well with he opportunities as Raiders punter.
183 Marcus Mike Eischeid K Eischeid was the Raiders kicker for 6 years in the late 60’s.
184 Tyler Cole Ford K Played in Oakland for three seasons and made 72.6 % of his field goals

Well into the 20s now, we are seeing more and more special teams picks. Half of the picks in these two rounds were on special teams.

There were also a few guys filling out their linebacking corps. With Marcus, Goro, and Tyler all taking linebackers in the 23rd round, there is just one linebacker spot left. RDreamer could have filled it with the selection of Winston Moss, but opted to use his 7.0 career sacks for the Raiders at edge rusher instead.

Taking Moss as an edge rusher is a bit questionable. His selection finishes off the edge rushers in this draft. Some notable edge rushers who went undrafted include Horace Jones, Nolan Harrison, and Dave Browning.

Similar to TJ Carrie’s actual draft day back in 2014, he was taken late. In this case, he was the last cornerback taken in the draft with Tyler making him the first selection of the round 22. The most notable cornerbacks to go undrafted include Albert Lewis and Stanford Routt.

Just two rounds left. Sixteen picks remain and still some talent out there for those who are savvy enough to find it.