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Jon Gruden had not heard theory of Gareon Conley Vitamin D deficiency, brushes it off ‘we’ll try to get him some supplements’

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The notion that Gareon Conley has a Vitamin D deficiency is news to his head coach.

NFL: Oakland Raiders Rookie Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no question Gruden has been frustrated with some of the injured players this offseason. Most notably the top two picks of last year’s draft.

Earlier this offseason he wasn’t too happy with how long it was taking second round pick Obi Melifonwu to get back on the field, now it’s Gareon Conley, who is on the shelf where he sat all of last year’s camp. Last year it was a shin injury that didn’t heal as quick as initially hoped. This time it’s a hip injury he suffered on the first day of camp that figures to have him out at least a couple weeks.

Raiders radio Greg Papa said recently on his radio show on 95.7 The Game that Conley had a Vitamin D deficiency which contributed to his shin injuries not healing as quick as they should.

Gareon Conley suffers from vitamin D deficiency, which, I don’t know, I think he’s had it his entire life,” Papa said on 95.7 The Game. “It’s just kind of a nutrition thing. A lot of guys are not properly nourished when they’re younger and his bone marrow, which strengthens bones, is not as strong.”

Conley’s former position coach, Rod Woodson said the same of Conley last month.

But one guy who didn’t know is Conley’s head coach, who was asked about it today and the question was some news to him.

“Really? I have not heard that,” said Gruden. “What’s that, makes it hard to heal, is it? Is that what it is? Vitamin D? We’ll try to get some supplements for him. Never heard that one.”

Gruden on Monday labeled Conley’s situation as ‘disappointing’.

“I think disappointed is the word,” Gruden said. “He comes out to start training camp. He’s in superb shape. He makes a great play and he gets a setback. Hopefully he comes back sooner than later. Disappointed is the big word I think. His heart is broken. He’s put a lot into this and he knows he has to stay healthy and get out there for us because we need him.”

Conley’s absence leaves the corner position is some doubt. The best Gruden could say of the position is ‘wait and see’.

“We felt that was a position that we needed to address,” Gruden said of the cornerback position. “Unfortunately Conley has been unable to stay healthy. We like him when he’s out there. But he has missed a lot of time.”

Daryl Worley has gotten first team reps in Conley’s place.