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Watch: This play in Raiders preseason opener ‘Chucky came out’

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NFL: Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There were some highs and lows in the Raiders 16-10 preseason opening win Friday night. In some cases, the highs and lows happened on the same play.

Just :58 seconds into the game, it got real interesting. With the Raiders in 1st and 10 at their own 40-yard-line, Marshawn Lynch burst through the left side and off to the races for a 60-yard touchdown. Or so it might have been, if not for Kolton Miller being called for holding.

The play simultaneously showed Marshawn Lynch still has plenty of wheels and that Kolton Miller is project. Though, of course, Gruden saw only his team getting robbed. And less than a minute in, Chucky made his first appearance.

“Yeah I mean that was a well-blocked play, it was called back,” said Gruden after the game. “I didn’t agree with that call at all honestly, but that was a well-blocked play. That’s impressive, the guy was rolling man, that was good to see. I was really ticked off though after that was called back. You know I just got to the stadium, I just called my fourth play. Anyhow…Chucky came out for a brief moment tonight right there.”

The replay showed the hold by Miller and it appeared to be a legit foul. Miller was beaten and reached out and put his arm around his defender’s neck to keep him from getting by him. If he stays in front of his man, the Raiders open up this game with a bang. Instead, they would punt on their opening possession.