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Raiders preseason week one Ballers & Busters vs Lions: Part two

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A pretty short list of Busters which in this case is a good sign.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports


Jason Cabinda

Cabinda entered the game in the third quarter. On the second play, he had a missed tackle on a 6-yard catch. Then on third and 12 on the next series, he was late to cover the screen that went for 19 yards. He would make a run stuff on the drive and another in which the runner slipped on the dirt, but then missed another tackle that resulted in a 13-yard run. It led to a short field goal to put the Lions within three points at 13-10 to begin the 4th quarter. He was replaced by 6th round rookie Azeem Victor after that.

Dexter McDonald

He saw three passes come his way and gave up a catch on each one. The first went for 11 yards on the Lions only touchdown drive. The others went for 5 yards and 3 yards. The last one is a credit to McDonald for making the stop for a short gain. But later he missed a tackle on a 19-yard screen play. That drive resulted in a Lions field goal.

Kolton Miller

The Raiders top pick gave up one pressure in 7 pass blocking snaps. But his big mistake was getting beaten by his man on a Marshawn Lynch run play on the first series. Miller wasn’t even the primary blocker on the play. All he had to do was either stay in front of his man, or not wrap his arm around his neck to hold him and Marshawn would have been gone for a 60-yard touchdown. A pressure and a devastating holding penalty in just 12 snaps is not a good average and works out to a pretty horrible game had he played every snap. Thus far it looks like this team will need Donald Penn to get back on the field.

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