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Derek Carr joked Marshawn Lynch’s mom called down to the sideline during Raiders preseason opener to give Chris Warren III a pep talk

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The undrafted rookie has taken instruction Marshawn Lynch and it paid off.

Washington v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Bursting on the scene in the Raiders preseason opener was undrafted rookie running back Chris Warren III. His performance was a bit unexpected even after he gained some notoriety for blowing up Lions linebacker Jarrad Davis in camp scrimmages.

Tuesday, Derek Carr joked that Warren got a little advice from an unexpected source — Momma Lynch.

“Marshawn’s mom called down to the sideline and gave him a pep talk and he played real well for us on the game this last week,” Carr said. “He started to run physical as a rookie. You guys can ask Marshawn about that, if that’s true or not. Make sure you guys bug him with that one. Next time you talk to him, make sure you ask him.

“She called him during the game. Love you, Momma Lynch. He started to run physical. He started to learn that ‘I am 255-pounds.’ There was one on the sideline that I think he wishes he had back. Those are instances where you see Marshawn almost turn back into the field of play to put his pads on somebody. Chris is starting to get that. He’s starting to figure it out. He’s trying to figure out which way left and which way right is. That’s for any rookie, especially in this system. It can get wordy and tough. For him to continue to take the thrashing and the beatdowns, and at the same time the encouragement when he does it right, but for him to stay the course, has been really cool to see.”

A lot of people took Carr seriously when he said that, but Momma Lynch quickly said she didn’t actually make that call.

Warren does take instruction well and quickly. Just after his coach told him to keep his pads down in practice, he put that hit on Davis to send him flying.

And he has taken advice from Marshawn Lynch and then went Beast Mode come game time.

“He just tells me to be violent I guess,” Warren said of the advice he receiver from Marshawn. “He doesn’t really say much about anything playing wise, he just wants you to do what you do and he wants you to be physical and just go out there and be violent.”

Warren’s father was a Pro Bowl running back for the Seahawks, so Warren III has watched Marshawn play for a number of years. So, when Marshawn says to be violent, Warren knows just what that means. It means go off for 86 yards on 13 carries and earn Top Baller honors.