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Raiders president Marc Badain to scout 3 potential Reno training camp locations Thursday

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Napa Valley, California has been the summer home for the Silver and Black for years. It has been a great spot for training camp because of it’s steady climate and lodging on the premises. Sadly, that could also change once the team moves to Las Vegas though. The state of Nevada is paying a lot of money for the Raiders to come to town so I guess it’s only fair to move training camp there too as another potential tourist attraction for the state.

One of the top options is Reno, Nevada for future training camps and Raiders president Marc Badain is expected to check out some options there Thursday. He is expected to take a look at 3 potential locations which he will tour with Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and Democratic Governor candidate Steve Sisolak.

The three will tour the athletic grounds of Hug High School, Wooster High School, and the University of Nevada, Reno. Then afterward, according to Sisolak’s campaign, the group will host a press conference at Believe Plaza.

Out of those three options, the UNR site would likely make the most sense due to the potential use of their dormitories to house the players during training camp. That is what the Green Bay Packers do while they have their training camp, they have their players stay in the St. Norbert College dorms as a way to keep the team all together in one place.

It’d be nice if the Raiders didn’t move their training camp at all though. They already have an excellent location and several teams hold their training camps in different states from where they actually play. It would also leave a nice connection to Northern California fans who already are going to feel abandoned at the team’s move to Vegas.

However, if it’s not possible to stay in Napa then Reno would definitely be a nice option to fill the Raiders training camp location needs. It’s climate is comparable to Napa, it’s along the California border so it’d still be close to the Northern California area, and it’s close to Lake Tahoe which is a very popular vacation spot that people could stay at and still attend a practice if they wanted to. If the Raiders have to leave Napa then Reno is a great option.