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Raiders training camp ends a day early as Jon Gruden cancels final practice

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today was to be the day training camp wrapped up. The usually light last day, with the moving trucks parked and ready to exit quickly to transport the equipment back to Alameda will get a head start on their work now. Gruden has canceled the usual final day of practice, so the players can check out and then leave town.

It seemed a little odd after his media session on Wednesday that Gruden finished up by saying “Have a good day, see you guys back in Alameda.”

When he said it, I thought he was just referring to the next press conference he will have with local media.

Even if that were the case, he should have said ‘see you guys in Los Angeles’ because that’s where the Raiders are headed next. They will face the Rams at LA Memorial Coliseum on Saturday in their second preseason game. After which, they return to Alameda to begin more regular season type of game prep.

So, anyway, that’s a wrap on Raiders 2018 training camp. I’ll see you guys in LA.