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Long time Raiders announcer Greg Papa takes job with San Francisco 49ers

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It was a hard thing to see Greg Papa unceromiously disposed of earlier this summer, he has been a staple in Oakland and his call of “Touchdown RAAAAIIIIIDDDEERRRS” is legendary. For 20 years Papa’s announcing has been synonymous with Oakland, it’s a shame to see him go even before the team has left for Nevada.

It would have been a lot less dramatic and made a whole lot more sense if Mark Davis and the Raiders would have at least let Greg Papa stay calling the team’s games until they moved out of Oakland. Now the situation has officially gotten even more sad, because Papa has jumped over to be the pregame and post game personality for the San Francisco 49ers.

There actually were rumblings that Papa had been considering jumping over to the rival 49ers anyway even before he was let go from the Raiders. It turns out those rumors were founded now with this move becoming official. It does make a lot of sense for Greg Papa, he has been a Bay Area sportscaster all of his career with jobs for the Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors along with the Oakland Raiders.

It always sucks seeing a beloved member of the Raiders family (by most everyone outside of Mark Davis apparently) switching sides to a rival team. In this case it’s understandable though since he was already dumped by the Raiders and he has such strong ties to the Bay Area.

There is a bright side too, since he is just the pre and post game commentator we won’t hear a bastardized version of his touchdown call. Hearing “Touchdown NINNNERS” would have been a little too much to take.

Silver & Black Pride wishes him good luck on his new era with 49ers.