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Where were you when Derek Carr came back against the Ravens?

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Baltimore Ravens v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This week, SBNation’s football sites are each doing a post with the theme, “Where Were You When...” about a memorable event in their team’s recent history, whether it be a particular game or a play or a trade that impacted the team, anything after 1990.

So much of the Raiders’ recent history has been disappointing. From Bo Jackson’s hip injury to the playoff loss to the Bills in 1993 to the Tuck Rule game to the Super Bowl beatdown at the hands of Jon Gruden’s Buccaneers to the downward spiral the team went on for the 13 years following that, it’s mostly been bad. But in 2014 the Raiders finally landed a really quality draft class featuring who many thought could be the franchise quarterback of the future in Derek Carr.

Carr took hold of the starting job in his first training camp and never relinquished it, although his rookie year was a disaster for the Raiders as they lost their first 10 games and head coach Dennis Allen was fired after Week 4.

In 2015, though, the Raiders were poised for an improvement. Some still doubted the ability of Carr, and in Week 1 he suffered a hand injury in a crushing defeat to the Bengals. The schedule didn’t get any easier with the Ravens coming into Oakland in Week 2 on September 20.

The score was 20-20 at the half, but the Raiders scored 10 unanswered in the third. In the fourth, the Ravens stormed back but the Raiders defense held them to a field goal in the closing minutes. Derek Carr had one last shot to win the game.

And as I sat at home on my couch watching the game, I considered that this was Carr’s first true opportunity to show the league what he was made of. The great quarterbacks like Montana, Elway, Marino and Brady are known for their ability to come back at the end of games. Carr could begin his journey toward that level with a comeback win here.

That’s exactly what he did. Aided by a silly personal foul against Ravens DT Timmy Jernigan, Carr completed the drive with a 12-yard touchdown pass to Seth Roberts with less than a minute on the clock. The Ravens were unable to answer and the legend of Derek Carr was born.

I yelled so loud I scared my children, as any good father does when he sees a drive like the one Carr put together. He was 7/9 for 65 yards on the final drive and was cool, calm and collected far beyond his years.

So that’s where I was, Raider Nation. Where were you? And where were you for some of the other great moments in franchise history?

Plenty of Raider fans have already responded on Twitter:

There are few things in life better than the face of a sad, embarrassed Ravens fan.