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Watch: Peyton Manning at Raiders camp says when Jon Gruden coached his Pro Bowl team ‘guys wanted to run through a wall’ for him

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Peyton Manning said he could always tell Jon Gruden would eventually come back to coaching.

Relax, it’s a Tennessee Vols hat
Levi Damien

Peyton Manning was out at Raiders training camp in Napa Thursday. Afterward, we caught up with him to talk about his day. Here is what he said about Jon Gruden.

“I’d see him when he’d do games and I’d say How you doing Jon and he’d say I’m doing great, haven’t lost a game in six years and I’d say but you haven’t won one either. I could tell he always thought about that. When you’re not playing, you certainly don’t have the pain of losing a game, but you don’t get the thrill and exhilaration of winning a game.”

”It’s great for football that he’s back in it. Just that one week at the Pro Bowl 18 years ago, the Pro Bowl is a little different now. Back then it was a little more intense and serious, but that week guys wanted to run through a wall just for him as our Pro Bowl Hawaiian coach. Partially because he bought all the beer for all the players, which was smart. I think it helped him in free agency a few years later.”

”I think the role of any coach is to get his players to play hard for him. (Mentions Tony Dungy) I think Jon, just his passion for it, it shows and he wears it on his sleeve. Players will respond to that.”

”It was always about the ball, the football for Jon. One of the reasons that he knew broadcasting, he would enjoy it, is because he got to go to practice and got to go to facilities.”