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Watch: Marshawn Lynch finally gets his face on a Skittles bag, buries himself in Skittles

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These won’t be sold in stores though. Here’s how to get yours.

Marshawn Lynch loves him some Skittles. The candy company caught wind of this fact a few years back and since then Marshawn Lynch has been the face of Skittles. Now, for the first time, Skittles will literally feature his face on a bag. Here is what the new Skittles bag will look like with Marshawn’s face on it.

Marshawn Lynch’s Skittles bag

They’re calling is “Marshawn’s pack” and it’s share size.

Unfortunately for eager consumers, Marshawn’s Pack won’t be found in stores. However, 2,400 (a nod to #24) packs will be given away to lucky fans at

In addition, Raider Nation will get a chance to snag a pack during Oakland’s next preseason home game this Friday against the Packers.

Needless to say, Marshawn was pretty happy about this. So, of course, he rolled around in a crate full of Skittles to celebrate.