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Jamarcus Russell ‘made it rain’ during Raiders rookie talent show

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Jamarcus Russell is widely known as one of the biggest draft busts of all time. He was drafted first overall by the Raiders in 2007 and promptly held out for more money. He is one of the major reasons behind the NFL’s current rookie salary slotting scale.

But Russell did get his money, signing a 6-year $68 million contract. And now we know about one of the first things he did with that money.

The talent show is supposed to be a rookie hazing ritual where the new Raiders perform acts of wonder and possible self-degradation for the entertainment of veteran players. So naturally Jamarcus broke out the only talent he has ever displayed as a professional, the ability to spend massive amounts of money recklessly.

Normally, when athletes “make it rain” this way, they do so at a strip club for the benefit of the bevy of single mothers and aspiring med students found therein. But in this instance, Jamarcus was trying to show off and possibly buy the love of men who were already rich. And one former Raider who was present appreciated the gesture:

Jamarcus doesn’t have a career in football, but maybe philanthropy is for him.