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Raiders preseason week three Ballers & Busters vs Packers: Part two

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The Busters

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Oakland Raiders Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports


Connor Cook

When you put up a 27.6 passer rating, you’re probably a lock for Top Buster. His first series ended with him not picking up the blitz on third and 5. His second ended with him underthrowing Dwayne Harris and having it intercepted. Two series later ended with him overthrowing Jalen Richard in short yardage, and throwing wide of Keon Hatcher on a crossing route.

His final series, he very nearly threw a pick six, but it was called back due to a penalty. It was a terrible and ill-advised pass regardless. He was just 6 of 15 on the day for 72 yards with an interception.

Donald Penn

The first go at right tackle did not go well. With the Raiders in 2nd and goal from the four yards line, Penn gave up a run stuff for no gain. Then in 3rd and goal, he gave up the strip sack on Carr who fell on it so the Raiders wouldn’t come away empty handed.

The next drive, Penn would give up another pressure that resulted in an incompletion. He played just 20 snaps, which was three drives.

Jylan Ware, Ian Silberman

Entering the game at the tackle spots after Kolton Miller and Donald Penn left were Ware and Silberman. And things got worse. A three and out on their first series, gave way to their second series. The first play, Silberman gave up a run stuff. A few plays later, Ware gave up pressure which led to an incompletion. The drive ended on the next play.

Both would give up pressures around the edge on the next drive, with Silberman getting Cook hit twice.

The first drive of the third quarter, Ware would give up a run stuff for no gain and have a false start on third and five. The depth at tackle on this team is non-existent.

EJ Manuel

Manuel played the entire second half. How he’s still getting in the game after Cook is hard to explain. Maybe because he should be way outperforming Cook and he just isn’t. His first series looked promising initially. It ended with a high snap from Jon Feliciano that Manuel probably should have been able to catch anyway, but instead had to fall on it for a sack.

The next series Manuel attempted to scramble, didn’t slide, and fumbled the ball away. Just as he did last week. Then the first play of the next drive, he attempted a pass into the flat and the ball bumbled into the turf so awkwardly it seemed like it had been tipped. But it hadn’t.

Manuel would lead the Raiders on a scoring drive after that, but what should have been a touchdown wasn’t because Manuel overthrew Seth Roberts in the end zone. The Raiders would score a touchdown on the next drive, and Manuel gets credit for one nice 15-yard pass on third and 13, but that’s about the best of the day for him.

Doug Martin

Not the grand showing one might have expected from a player who has been treated as a lock to make the team since probably the time he walked in the door. Prior to this game, Martin had seen all of four plays with one carry for three yards.

He saw six in this game, and just one of them went past that 3-yard mark — which was his average yards per carry the past two seasons. He had a 16-yard run through open field out left on the first series of the second quarter. While his other five carries he picked up a combined 8 yards. That’s 1.6 yards per carry. And, sure, you can point the finger at an offensive lineman who didn’t give him a big hole to run through, but that’s how it goes sometimes. He had chances to pick up yards and didn’t get it done. And based on how he’s been handled thus far, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last wee see from him until the opener.

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