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Reports: Raiders trading recently acquired WR/PR Ryan Switzer to Steelers

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NFL: Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

That was fast. Ryan Switzer joined the Raiders in a trade last April and before he could even get settled in California, he looks to be headed to Pittsburgh. This first repoted Jordan Schultz of Yahoo! Sports.

For Switzer, this will be his third NFL stop before his second NFL season. For the Raiders it’s also been a lot of moving around of players.

During April’s draft, the Raiders made two trades for actual NFL players. They acquired Martavis Bryant for a third round pick and just as the draft was completing they sent former 2nd round pick Jihad Ward to Dallas to acquire former 4th round pick Switzer.

Now they send a receiver back to Pittsburgh, probably for a conditional late round pick.

They had a competition happening between Switzer, Griff Whalen, and Seth Roberts. One or two of them would have to be cut or traded. Presumably the Raiders made all three available and the Steelers bit on Switzer.