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Raiders got 2019 5th round pick from Steelers for Ryan Switzer which is decent compensation

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That’s a nice little flip by the Raiders.

Oakland Raiders

Finally a trade the Raiders made this offseason in which is didn’t feel like they were robbed. Today Jon Gruden revealed the Raiders received a 5th round pick for Ryan Switzer, who the team had acquired during the draft for Jihad Ward. The Raiders also send a 6th rounder to Pittsburgh in the deal.

So, essentially the Raiders traded Jihad Ward and a 6th round pick for a 5th round pick. That’s pretty good considering Ward had bust written all over him.

Or, if you like, they traded Jihad Ward and a third and sixth round pick for Martavis Bryant and a 5th round pick.

Switzer was a 4th round pick just last year, so to nearly receive his original draft value in a trade, despite him not having done anything as a receiver in the NFL is pretty good.

It’s refreshing to get good compensation in a trade after all the questionable trades they made in the draft. From getting just a 3rd round pick in their trade down in the first round with the Cardinals so they could get their franchise quarterback, to trading up in the third to get small school project tackle Brandon Parker.

Gruden went on to say, the move was made possible because Dwayne Harris had proven his worth to the team, mostly on special teams, but also in his ability to play the slot.