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Raiders sign former Titans, Cardinals CB Jarell Carter

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Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The trade of Ryan Switzer to the Steelers today opened up a roster spot, and the Raiders wasted no time signing a player to fill it. Instead of picking up one of the myriad mediocre quarterbacks available or maybe a bad offensive tackle, they instead picked up a cornerback.

Carter was initially signed by the Cardinals last year as an undrafted free agent. He attended Trinity International University in Illinois and recorded 156 tackles, 30 interceptions and 28 passes defensed at the NAIA level. The Raiders must have had this guy on their radar to pick him up so quickly, which proof that there is nowhere on Earth you can play where Raiders scouts won’t find you.

Carter is probably nothing more than a camp body, but he will certainly be doing his best to stand out in the Raiders’ fourth preseason game to show out for other teams who need help at corner- and there are always plenty of teams like that.