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Raiders Las Vegas stadium parking plan scatters fans to several lots up to four miles away with more lots still needed

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Lots and lots of lots with more lots still needed. This is pretty laughable.

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Parking has been an issue since day one for the Raiders stadium plans in Las Vegas. There are only enough spaces available on the actual stadium lot to accommodate employees and few others. So, the majority of fans are going to have to park somewhere else. That has proven a tricky proposition.

The site itself has some 2375 spaces. That means an additional 13,875 spaces are needed to fulfill the minimum 16,250 spaces required by law for the 65,000-seat stadium.

There are four sites gives the Raiders an additional 11,925 spaces, bringing the total to between 12,000 and 14,650 spaces which obviously falls short of the minimum, which means more sites will be needed.

Those sites according to the Las Vegas Sun include: the Orleans (4,625 spaces), a parking lot on Las Vegas Boulevard and Blue Diamond Road (up to 3,625 spots), the former Southwest Gas facility on Arville Street and Tropicana Avenue (1,175 spots) and a parking lot on Las Vegas Boulevard and Arby Avenue (2,500).

Here is the map of those sites:

These sites are far enough away from the stadium (lower right) that shuttle buses will be needed to transport fans from the lot and back. The distances of those sites ranges from two miles to four miles from the stadium

The closest site is also the smallest. It’s the Arville Tropicana (second from top right), which has between 1025 and 1175 spaces. It’s two miles away. The Orleans lot is about a half mile past that (top right). Which in Las Vegas, may as well be ten miles, because you don’t want to be walking that in the midday heat.

The farthest lot will be four miles away at Las Vegas Blvd and Blue Diamond (bottom left). That one will require some freeway driving to get to the stadium. Right now that site as well as the Las Vegas and Arby site are dirt lots.

More sites will need to be secured before all is said and done. And it’s so much fun so far, it will be interesting to see where the FIFTH parking lot will be scattered across the area.