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Just one Raiders player makes ESPN NFL Top 100 for 2018 and he’s top ten

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We all know who it is.

Carolina Panthers v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

You win some, you lose some. When it comes to Top 100 list, the Raiders won the battle and lost the war. The battle was for Khalil Mack to be recognized as a top ten player in this league. The war was overall number of players in the Top 100.

Mack is ranked at number 10 in ESPN’s Top 100 list. He’s still behind Aaron Donald and Von Miller, but at least he’s not in the late teens. But he is the only Raiders player listed.

This is very different to the NFL Network Top 100 which had Mack listed at 16 overall — way too low for Mack who is a season removed from Defensive Player of the Year honors and who has put up 40 sacks in four seasons.

Where the NFL Network Top 100 looked more presentable was in having Derek Carr (60) and Bruce Irvin (85) also in their rankings.

In the ESPN rankings, there are 14 quarterbacks who made the Top 100. That means they don’t see Carr as among the top half of NFL quarterbacks. But they do see Alex Smith (97), Kirk Cousins (80), Cam Newton (63), Jimmy Garoppolo (62), Philip Rivers (45), and Matthew Stafford (35) up there among others.

But Derek Carr is a $25 million man. Can a top ten NFL talent get paid his worth so the Raiders can get that top ten talent on the field, please?