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Watch: Nate Burleson thinks Raiders Chris Warren III could be ‘feature back’ in NFL

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve seen Chris Warren III make some powerful runs this preseason for the Raiders. But it’s just the preseason. That fact didn’t stop Nate Burleson from making some bold statements about the undrafted rookie back.

Burleson worked on the announcer crew for game against the Rams where Warren ran for 110 yards and a touchdown. It’s safe to say, he came away suitably impressed.

“Just visually, as a guy that’s seen running back, played against some of the best of all time, I said to myself, ‘you know what, this guy’s gonna make the team, there’s no question. He’s going to be amazing, he’s going to be one of those guys that climbs up the depth chart, he’s going to be a household name very soon,” said Burleson.

The former NFL receiver quickly noted the same things Jon Gruden pointed out with regard to Warren doing the little things like picking up the blitz as giving him pause when predicting he will make the roster right away. And as a back who is third or fourth on the depth chart, special teams come into play as well.

“It’s an intriguing storyline, because I want to know where he lands,” Burleson continued. “Is he going to make the team? Are they going to try to put him on practice squad? Because if they do that. other teams will say ‘Ohohoho, wait a minute, let me pluck this guy right off the roster.’ So, I’m going to keep my eyes on him, because no joke he is that real that he could be a feature back in this league. The question is, does he have the other intangibles to make him a starting back?”

Burleson added that Warren was “Strong. . . Old school running back.” Which I suppose makes sense considering Warren’s father was a Pro Bowl NFL back in the 90’s.

Warren has been quite a storyline in Raider Nation this preseason. He is among those who head into the final preseason game in a bubble battle.