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Ryan Switzer work as receiver ‘thrown by the wayside’ in Dallas, recovered in Oakland

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NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Last season was Ryan Switzer’s rookie season in Dallas. He was a 4th round pick for the Cowboys as a wide receiver and punt returner. He returned 29 punts for the Cowboys, but saw just 7 targets with 6 catches.

Part of the problem for Switzer was suffering a hamstring injury that held him out most of camp. Apparently the offense moved on without him, even though he felt like he was up to speed both mentally and physically.

“I don’t think [the hamstring] held me back at all,” said Switzer of his 2017 season. “I knew what I needed to do, I knew the playbook, I knew the schemes. I thought my conditioning was a little off. That’s to be expected, but by game one when it was time to play New York, I was ready to play.”

He may have felt ready, he didn’t see much time on offense. Over the first five games he didn’t see a single target and played a total of just 21 snaps on offense. He got his first target and first reception in week six. It was clear they saw him, at least initially, exclusively as a return special. But that’s not how Switzer wants to be viewed.

“That’ big for me. I feel like I need to get back to my ways,” Switzer said of reminding people he can play receiver. “I’m one year, going on two years removed from being a first team All-ACC wide receiver and setting school records. I feel like last year that just got thrown by the wayside. Really looking forward to getting back to those ways.”

Switzer was hoping to having a healthy camp with the Cowboys and taking another run at earning some attention from Dak Prescott in the offense, but the Cowboys traded him before that could happen. A move that has proven to be a good one for Switzer as he has been showcased as Derek Carr’s top option in the slot since he arrived.

“I think me and [Derek Carr] are on the same page,” said Switzer. “It’s kinda hard not to be when you got a quarterback like that. We’ve had a great camp so far, I feel like he knows where I’m gonna be, I feel like I know now what he’s for and just trying to continue that camaraderie come the season time.”

“This isn’t just player speak, I really am excited about the opportunity that I have to kind of put myself on the map, to help this team win and to show people who I really am as a receiver.”