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Preseason Week 4 Final Score Oakland 30, Seattle 19: Keon Hatcher has huge game in preseason finale win for Raiders

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 4th and final preseason game is against the Seattle Seahawks with the Raiders receiving the ball first. They went 3 and out with it though so the first real action came from the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle actually looked as though they scored from the Raiders 36 yard line with a long reception, however Issiah Battle had the play nullified by committing a holding penalty. Battle then proceeded to have another holding penalty on the next play which completed ended any momentum and led to the Seahawks punting from the Raiders 42.

The Raiders took advantage of their good luck by driving right down the field for a touchdown of their own to make the score 7-0. E.J. Manual went 4-4 passing on the drive and capped it off with a short pass to Keon Hatcher who took it to the house for a 45 yard touchdown. The play was reviewed to see if Hatcher’s knee was down but the play was upheld as a touchdown. The play wasn’t perfect because there was an Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty on the Raiders but that was just enforced on the kickoff anyway.

Seattle’s response to the Raiders touchdown was to go 4 and out, turning the ball over to the Raiders at the Raiders 47 yard line. They got that far because of a short kick off with a 35 yard return and a 9 yard play on first down. They only went backwards from there with the Raiders defense coming up with a couple of nice runs stops for no gain and then for -1 yard, followed by a short pass being stuffed for -1 on 4th down. Oakland was able to get another long reception of 21 yards from Keon Hatcher, but had to settle for the field goal to make it 10-0.

The Seahawks next drive lasted all of 1 play though, it went for 81 yards and a touchdown to make the score 10-6 very quickly, though they did miss the 2 point conversion attempt. The Raiders defender was Raysean Pringle who nearly got the pass defense but just barely missed making the play, he may have even tipped the ball. Unfortunately, he had to dive to get that close and nobody else was anywhere close to make a tackle so off Damore’ea Stringfellow went for the long touchdown.

The two teams traded 3 and out’s after that before the Raiders once again utilized Keon Hatcher to get down into Seahawks territory with another long play. This time it was from a 20 yard defensive pass interference penalty on Seattle which may have saved giving up a long touchdown on the play. The Raiders didn’t get any closer and had to punt but it was a really good bouncing punt that Johnny Holton knocked out at the 2 yard line.

The tough field position paid off with the Raiders forcing a 3 and out and getting great field position after the punt had a decent return from Dwayne Harris to the Seattle 45. The Raiders proceeded to put another nice drive together from E.J. Manuel, this time he went 4 for 5 and again relied on Keon Hatcher. The drive ended with a 19 yard touchdown reception from Hatcher to make the score 17-6 with just over 2 minutes left in the half.

Unfortunately, that might as well be a lifetime in the NFL. Seattle put together a perfect 2 minute drill and went right down the field for a touchdown. They got a little bit of help from Raiders CB Shareece Wright who had his guy covered but didn’t look for the ball quick enough so he got called for PI in the endzone. The Seahawks punched it in from the 1 yard line by running it (like they should have done in the Super Bowl with Marshawn Lynch) for the touchdown to make the score 17-13 at the half.

To start the 2nd half the Seahawks got the ball first, and again they had what looked like a sure touchdown taken away from them. This time it came on a 3rd down play from their own 48 when they threw deep for what looked like a 52 yard touchdown. Fortunately for the Raiders, the refs surprisingly decided that the receiver did not get two feet in bounds and reversed the call on the field. The questionable reversal forced the Seahawks to punt instead of celebrate what looked like a touchdown.

The two teams traded off failed drives, but then it was the Raiders turn to give fans some excitement. They accomplished that first with a 43 yard completion to rookie Marcell Ateman on a 3rd and 13. They then followed that up with a 45 yard touchdown to Saeed Blacknall who bounced off a would be tackler on their next 3rd down. The touchdown increased the Raiders lead to 24-13, and guarantees the Raiders will have to have a long, difficult conversation on who to keep at wide receiver.

Again after that the two teams traded off failed drives with the most exciting play being a Seahawks punt beautifully downed at the 2. That coupled with a missed PI call on a 3rd down play led to the Seahawks having great field position at the Raiders 45 after the short punt from a heavily rushed Johnny Townsend. It didn’t end up mattering though thanks to the Raiders defense forcing another turnover on downs from the Seahawks despite their great field position.

Oakland’s offense did not have the same problem, they actually were the exact opposite by looking almost unstoppable on the drive. They went 61 yards in 6 plays for yet another Keon Hatcher touchdown, his 3rd of the game. The drive featured several strong runs from Chris Warren III how continues to look very impressive closing out games, though that could just be from the lesser competition on the field. The 22 yard Hatcher touchdown made the score 30-13.

The next drive for Seattle was impressive with it’s urgency, though too little too late to really matter. They quickly made their way down to the end zone though, making the score 30-19 after Sebastian Janikowski missed the extra point. That’s what the final score ended up being after the Raiders ran most of the remaining clock left and the Seahawks didn’t do anything with the 14 seconds they had to work with.