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Aaron Donald gets huge 6-year, $135 million deal from Rams, could Khalil Mack deal with Raiders soon follow?

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Seattle Seahawks v St Louis Rams Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Well, the market is set now. Aaron Donald was rumored to be close to a deal for the past few days. And now according to multiple reports, that deal done. Donald cashed in with a 6-year, $135 million deal, which averaged out to $22.5 million per season.

That per-year averaged blows away the previous highest paid defender, Von Miller, whose deal averaged out to $19.5 million per season.

This deal also sets the market for Khalil Mack who was previously rumored to be looking for something around $22 million per season. In most cases, the next deal signed outdoes the previous one and if that’s the case, Mack would get well above that $22 million per season he was said to be seeking.

Donald’s deal also comes with a $40 million signing bonus and a total of $87 million guaranteed. If Mack were to get a 5-year deal at near $23 million per season, the equivalent in guaranteed money would be around $74 million. Von Miller got $70 million guaranteed on his deal, so that’s in line with the increase.

Keep in mind, whatever they pay Mack won’t immediately kick in against the cap unless they want it to. The extension won’t begin until 2019, though the Raiders can ease the burden by shifting some to this year’s cap is they choose to do so. They currently have $7.1 million in salary cap room according to Over the cap.