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New reports of Khalil Mack trade ‘very real’ and Jon Gruden being more open to it than Mark Davis

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On tonight’s episode of ‘As the Khalil Mack rumor mill turns’, things kinda went bananas.

Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

UPDATE: The Raiders are reportedly trading Mack to the BEARS

Late Friday night suddenly the Khalil Mack discussion went from Mach one to ludicrous speed. Perhaps it was the Aaron Donald deal being done that shifted everyone’s focus to Khalil Mack and the Raidesrs. Who knows, but the whole discussion got kicked up a few notches in the past couple hours.

It’s possible that when Ian Rapoport said this, that everyone else began chiming in:

So now the trade market for Mack is “robust” and the chances of him being traded is “very real.”

Let’s keep it going. With Jason La Canfora and his shock if Khalil Mack does NOT get traded.

We’ll see how well that tweet ages.

He later put actual teams out there, adding the 49ers to the list:

From that point, it wasn’t long before Mike Silver threw down the gauntlet, cracking off a few bombshells for the already raging inferno.

Even Tim Kawakami chimed in.

I have said my piece on this. I believe this would be a catastrophic failure on Gruden’s part. To trade away the best player this franchise has seen in decades before you have even coached your first game back would be monumentally stupid.

You also don’t preach homegrown talent and then when that talent exceeds all your hopes and becomes the best defender in the league, trade him away because you don’t want to pay him like it.

Jon Gruden was once traded for a couple first round picks. I can’t remember what happened to that team which received those picks and who got the better of that trade. Someone will have to refresh my memory.