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Marquette King already unhappy in Denver, has to be restrained for going after member of Broncos media

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Here’s how the latest drama with Marquette King went down in Denver.

Zach Bye on Twitter

It hasn’t been four months since Marquette King was signed by the Broncos after being cut by the Raiders and he is already proving to be even more of a cancer there than he was in Oakland. He went after a member of the Broncos media after camp practice today and had to be restrained by Broncos PR staff.

Here’s how it got here.

Local denver sports radio hosts Zach Bye and Brandon Stokley were doing their show for 104.3 the fan at camp. After practice, Marquette was walking by and they asked if he’d like to come over and speak with them. This is how it went:

Q: With two weeks of camp how would you summarize it for yourself?

King: Mmm...I don’t know how to summarize it...good? Like a regular practice day.

Q: How’s the transition been with a new team, new locker room moving from Oakland to Denver?

King: Mmm...I don’t know. It’s cool. Got some cool people on the team.

Q: How is your relationship so far with the coaching staff? Getting along well?

King: Yup. Everything’s going good.

Q: You always have a lot of personality, but it doesn’t seem like you have a lot to say right now. You frustrated about something in particular?

King: I just don’t like talking about football. I just do it.

Q: Well, tell us about yourself. Who is Marquette King, what do you like to do, what do you enjoy?

King: I know I like more oxygen.

Q: (Laughs) Is the altitude bothering you a little bit?

King: It gets on my nerves sometimes, but, I mean, it’s my job, so...yeah.

Q: How much are you looking forward to getting to start a week from tomorrow in preseason?

King: Ummm... I mean it’s definitely coming. So...

Host: Alright we’ll leave it at that, thanks for coming by... (King walks away)... Wow!...

As you might expect, Stokley and Bye were kind of taken aback by the exchange from the normally talkative punter. That’s when Stokley said on air that he had heard a couple weeks ago that King was frustrated about being in Denver. He said he doesn’t know the fundamental reason why, but had heard it from a source who he and his co-host really trust that King had been making snide remarks very much like the “I like more oxygen” bit that suggested he was unhappy in Denver.

The next day (Saturday) King took to his favorite method of communication (social media) to tweet in emoji form that Darren McKee, another radio host from the same station is...well, let’s not beat around the egg plant here, he called him a c—k sucker.

It didn’t end there, though. Today King physically went after McKee after practice and threatened him to “Keep my name out your mouth” and had to be restrained by Broncos PR people and removed from the field.

And we thought his little sideshow in front of Raiders headquarters, doing the donkey dance was a reminder of why the Raiders got rid of him. That just looks like a scorned lover at this point. Clearly King has some serious problems he needs to deal with. Those problems now belong to the Broncos. Have fun with that.