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Rookie Arden Key blew past Raiders All Pro Kelechi Osemele in camp practice and twitter reactions are pure gold

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Raiders fan interest is officially piqued.

Oakland Raiders

I hope you’re not tired of hearing about Arden Key yet, because he’s not done showing up in training camp. He was the standout of the first half of camp and is continuing his strong camp in the home stretch.

Today in pass rush drills he did something he’s done several times before and something he had never done. He beat Kolton Miller which he’d been doing routinely. He drove outside, then put his foot in the ground for a quick spin and shot in for the sack.

Beating the Raiders two rookie tackles has kind of become old news for Key at this point.

Today he did one better. Much better; he beat Kelechi Osemele. And he beat him bad. Osemele tried to jam him in his chest and with one motion he swiped over Osemele’s arm and went by him. Osemele was left standing there blocking air as Key was chasing down his QB.

“We love Key. We’ve liked him since the draft process,” said Gruden after Monday’s practice. “We’ve felt lucky to get him where we got him. You go back two years ago and watch him at LSU, he’s as good an edge rusher as there is in the country. He struggled a little bit his last season in Baton Rouge but Chuck Smith, who is his private coach in the offseason, sent us a lot of videos and kept us up to speed. There are some things this kid can do that is very special. Hopefully we get it full strength some day at the defensive end position and we can show our true colors.”

I tweeted out Key’s impressive pass rush move on Osemele and the twitter reaction did not disappoint.

Sometimes Twitter is truly the best. And so are you all.