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It didn’t take long for Jon Gruden the GM to get in the way of Jon Gruden the head coach in his second stint in Oakland

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Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has already made one of the worse personnel moves in team history.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Gruden getting rehired to coach the the Oakland Raiders was a happy occasion for Raider Nation but there was always cause for concern. Gruden the coach is great but Gruden the GM could be a big problem. This is the same guy that led Tony Dungy’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory then flopped due to his personnel moves. He’s also the same guy that implored the Raiders to draft Johnny Manziel over Khalil Mack in 2014.

But suddenly, quarterback Derek Carr is the reason why he came back to coach the Raiders. And instead of accepting Mack, his best player, as his guy on defense, he traded him. Mack was never his guy but there’s no reason to trade your best player. Not that there is such a thing but Gruden didn’t even get good value for a future Hall of Famer.

The Raiders are getting 2019 1st-round pick, 2020 1st-round pick, 2020 3rd-round pick, 2019 6th-round pick. The Chicago Bears are getting Khalil Mack, a 2020 2nd-round round pick and a conditional 2020 5th-round pick.

Why are the Raiders giving up picks in this deal?

This deal was bad enough without involving the picks!

Who gives up draft capital while giving up a future Hall of Fame player?

The Raiders can only hope the 1st-round picks they get from the Bears make half the impact Mack makes put together. In 2016, when Carr made his 4th-quarter comebacks and game winning drives to take the Raiders to a 12-4, Mack’s plays on defense sealed the win.

But all Gruden could say is, “We weren’t very good last year on defense with Mack.”

The Raiders weren’t very good on offense last year with Carr faltering under pressure and receiver Amari Cooper dropping passes either. But rightfullly so, he’s excited to rebuild the offense around the two talented youngsters. He should have shown the same excitement over rebuilding the defense around Mack instead of trading him.

Gruden spent a lot of money this offseason on unproven veterans to replace some of GM Reggie McKenzie’s proven and unproven players. Conventional wisdom says unproven young players are worth more than unproven veterans because you can still mold them. But Gruden hasn’t followed that wisdom, opting for unproven vets over All-Pros.

Tahir Whitehead, who hasn’t proven he can cover yet, is getting $6 million a year. There aren’t too many linebackers that can’t rush the passer getting $6 million a year and the ones that are have proven they can cover. Derek Johnson who’s getting $2.2 million a year, can cover but can’t stop the run. So that’s a 2-down LB at $6 million and a 1-down LB at $2.2 million to replace Bowman, who did it all in 2017 for less than that his last two years in the NFL.

It looks like Marcus Gilchrist and his 64.5 PFF grade is getting $4.5 million to replace Karl Joseph and his 67.7 grade in the starting lineup. Gilchrist is versatile but hasn’t proven to be better than average at anything he does. So spending $4.5 million on him to start over Joseph, who’s younger and had a slightly better grade than him, isn’t a good move either.

If the Raiders left Whitehead, Gilchrist and Johnson where they were and kept Bowman and Mack with everything else being the same, which defense is better?

That’s two All-Pros for three average guys.

Is this an ego thing?

Does Gruden have some Al Davis in him?

Davis had a problem with Marcus Allen because he was a star in Los Angeles before Davis and his Raiders moved into town. There were times that Davis was more into players that no one thought so highly of until he got credit for making them stars. Gruden is going to get credit for salvaging Carr and Cooper after they had bad years last year. But Mack maintained his superstar status through good times and bad with the Raiders.

Bowman came along last year and proved he had plenty of game left in him too. Perhaps Gruden wants to go back to 1972, when the Miami Dolphins had the no-name defense.

Does Gruden want to make it all about himself and Carr like Bill Belichick and Tom Brady on the New England Patriots?

The moves he’s made this offseason have made me wonder.