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Raider Nation in state of shock and righteous anger over Khalil Mack trade

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Much of the Raider Nation woke up from a dead sleep and entered a nightmare. The Raiders traded Khalil Mack. Words very few thought they’d hear this morning. The shock of this has been massive, causing several stages of grief to kick in almost simultaneously. But mostly it’s anger. And rightfully so.

Some will try to justify it. I get it. It’s a coping mechanism. If you want to keep rooting for this team and for Jon Gruden’s “triumphant return” as Raiders head coach, you have to talk yourself into this.

Some are saying things like the Raiders can’t pay two stars simultaneously (even though they can).

Some are saying this winning cures all, even though you need great players like Khalil Mack in order to win games.

Some are saying this will be better long term even though Mack is in his prime and will be for several years and draft picks are a crap shoot.

We all went to bed last night thinking despite the reports the trade market was heating up for Mack, that it just didn’t make any sense for it to actually happen.

Then I woke up, likely the same way many of us did, with a phone call. I’m thinking Bruce Irvin was one of those people. And he doesn’t mess around.

Derek Carr said the same, but G rated. Saying simply “No way” and how “sucky” this is.

Yeah. Sucky.

Gruden came into Oakland and immediately started throwing his weight around. He made a series of questionable trades in the draft — with the answer being that they were bad trades — and now he has made the stupidest trade since probably ever.

The fallout from this has been a lot of righteous anger on the part of a scorned Raider Nation.

As I said last week, this will be a dark cloud that will always hang over Jon Gruden. Every move he makes will be looked at through the lens of being the guy who shipped the best defensive player in the NFL away instead of paying him what he’s worth.

The stink of this won’t wash off easily.