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Raiders get absolutely robbed on compensation for Khalil Mack in trade with Bears

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you hated the Raiders trading Khalil Mack to the Bears, you are going to lose your f—king mind at what the details of the trade. You ready for this? Naw, you’re not ready. But here they are anyway. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, these are the details:

Initially it was thought that the Raiders received a couple first rounders and perhaps a player or another high pick. Not only did they not get a player or a high pick THEY SENT THE BEARS A SECOND ROUND PICK ALONG WITH THE BEST DEFENDER IN FOOTBALL.

This after getting terrible compensation on a trade down in the first round of April’s draft, sending that third round pick to Pittsburgh for a one-year rental on a thus far disappointing Martavis Bryant, making an unnecessary trade up to get small school tackle Brandon Parker in the third round, trading former second round pick Jihad Ward for Ryan Switzer and then trading Switzer to the Steelers to move up one round from the sixth to the fifth round next year.

The luster has officially worn off of Jon Gruden’s return to the sideline. He should never be allowed to orchestrate another trade in his career. But sadly that won’t be changing anytime soon. This disaster just keeps forming a mushroom cloud.