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Raiders Week 2 power rankings round-up: Raiders drop from already low rankings following week one loss

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to our weekly round-up of the Oakland Raiders Power Rankings from around the internet. The Raiders lost to the Los Angeles Rams 33-13 last night, and fell in most power rankings. The defense without Khalil Mack failed to get enough pressure on Jared Goff and the Rams, while the offense had some costly turnovers. 27

“The Raiders hung with the Rams for the bulk of three quarters before a tired defensive front could no longer penetrate nor get pressure. The latter will clearly be an issue for Jon Gruden’s team all season. And Derek Carr will certainly not be the ”Bride of Chucky” with late turnovers, like the pop fly right into linebacker Cory Littleton’s mitts. There were positive signs for Oakland, like the blunt-force trauma Marshawn Lynch was inflicting on linebackers and defensive backs. Also, Jared Cook looked like Dave Casper and Todd Christensen out there. Good grief.”

Last Week: 24

ESPN: 28

“Penalties were a thorn in Jon Gruden’s side Monday night. The Raiders’ 155 accepted penalty yards were more than they ever had in a game under Gruden from 1998-2001, and they’re the second-most (accepted) penalty yards ever in a game by a Jon Gruden team (168 yards by Buccaneers on Sept. 14, 2003). -- ESPN Stats & Info”

Last Week 18

Washington Post: 28

The Raiders, in Jon Gruden’s highly anticipated return to the sideline, were competitive in the first half against the Rams in the second game of Monday night’s doubleheader. But they simply were facing a better team, and the Rams did what was necessary to win. The Raiders didn’t have much of a pass rush. What in the world could they have done about that?

Last Week 30

SB Nation: 23

Last Week 30

USA Today: 29

“By end of Jon Gruden’s re-debut, Derek Carr was making shaky decisions while Mack-less defense was left looking worn and beaten.”

Last Week 28

Bleacher Report: 29

“There’s really no way to sugar-coat it. The Raiders don’t have the horses to compete with good teams—especially on defense. There’s no magic solution for Gruden and Co. here.

Just the beginning of what looks like a very long season.”

Last Week: 25

NBC Sports: 23

“No pass rush. Unstable quarterback play. Jon Gruden may mushroom cloud the entire roster next offseason. Not a great start for the Silver and Black. They need to find some answers soon or fall into an early hole.”

Last Week 19

Houston Chronicle: 27

“In Jon Gruden’s first season, the Raiders appear to be one of the league’s worst teams. A loss at Denver will leave them 0-2.”

Last Week: 26 29

“The Jon Gruden 2.0 era is off to an inauspicious start. But at least they have future draft picks in exchange for Khalil Mack!”

Last Week:

Yahoo!: 27

Derek Carr has to play better than he did in Week 1, but Amari Cooper’s lack of production is becoming a real problem. It’s hard to believe someone with Cooper’s talent, who has had NFL success, could suddenly be awful at age 24. But he was bad most of last season and put up one catch for 9 yards against the Rams. Not good at all.”

Last Week: 25

Sporting News: 30

“When we last ranked the Raiders, there was still a chance that Khail Mack could save their face. With him gone, there’s a lot of bad on defense and a lot of old on offense.”

Last Week: 23

CBS Sports: 21

“Their defense just isn’t good enough. You think they missed Khalil Mack Monday against the Rams?”

Last Week: 18

Average Ranking: 26.75

Last week: 21.9

It actually could have been much worse of an average ranking if the Raiders hadn’t been give higher than average rankings from CBS Sports (21), NBC Sports (23) and our own mothership site SB Nation (23). Losing a game 33-13 will do that to you, especially right after trading away your best defensive player wasn’t looked at positively by most outlets.

There were some positives to be taken from the game like Jared Cook’s big performance, Marshawn Lynch’s vicious running and the team hanging with a powerful Rams team through 3 quarters. The Raiders will have another chance to rebound next week at Mile High when they take on their divisional rival Denver Broncos.