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Marcus Peters fined $13K for Beast Mode crotch grab on pick six off Derek Carr

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Los Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Marcus Peters likes playing in Oakland. He’s from Oakland. He likes sharing a field with his fellow Oakland native and great friend, Marshawn Lynch. They both apparently like getting league fines for each other as well.

Last year Marshawn Lynch was booted from a game and suspended for making contact with an official while trying to keep Peters from being killed by the Raiders offensive line after Peters laid a dirty hit on Derek Carr.

Peters was with the Chiefs at the time and the two players rode the BART to Oakland together after the game.

This time it was Peters’ intercepting Carr on a late pass and returning it for a touchdown. As Peters approached the goal line he leapt backward into the end zone and grabbed his crotch which is Marshawn Lynch’s signature move.

After the game, Peters was asked what he did there and he responded “I did the Beast Mode. That’s what I did.”

Doing the Beast Mode cost him $13K, but I’m sure he would say it was worth it.