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Raiders vs. Broncos second half open thread

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Just like last week, the Raiders hold the lead at halftime, and are leading the Broncos 12-0. The Raiders allowed only two Broncos’ first downs, neither of which came in the first quarter. Although Oakland hasn’t scored in bunches, this game has been abject domination by the Raiders thus far.

Derek Carr has shown none of the jitters that paralyzed him against the Rams, and has stood in the pocket and delivered confident passes. The short passing game has been working with WR screens and Jared Cook over the middle. Carr has passed for 158 yards on 18-19 passing, which is positively Breesian.

The Raiders have rushed for 51 yards and both Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin have looked strong. Lynch capped off the first have with a one-yard TD run. Can the Raiders hold on or will Vance Joseph and company make the necessary adjustments to fight their way back in the game?

Enjoy the second half!