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Raiders 2018 opponents had very good weekend, showing strength of schedule may not be so weak after all

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Every year we get caught up in the strength of schedule and what it means for a team’s chances the following season. And sure, there are some teams that will be just as good as they were the season before and some that will be just as bad. But there is also a considerable amount of parity in the NFL from season to season that can throw the SOS off by quite a bit.

Take the Raiders’ strength of schedule this season. Supposedly they had the third easiest schedule this season. But if you watched the NFL slate this weekend, you wouldn’t really see that.

If you think of it as 16 opponents counting division rivals twice, Raiders opponents went 11-5 over the weekend. And of those five losses, three (Ravens, Steelers, Cardinals) lost to other Raiders opponents, so aside from a tie, there was no way around three of the Raiders opponents losing this week.

In other words, of the ten games this weekend that featured a Raiders 2018 opponent, eight of them were wins.

The Raiders now have seven match-ups this season against currently undefeated teams (Rams, Dolphins, Bengals, Broncos twice, and Chiefs twice) with five remaining, and just two against teams that are 0-2 (Seahawks, Cardinals).

Even the 2017 winless Browns are looking pretty formidable. They are 0-1-1 this season and are literally a decent kicker away from being 2-0. They come to Oakland in two weeks.

The combined record of Raiders opponents so far this season is 14-10-2. Or, if you count division rivals twice, 19-11-2 for a .579 win percentage. That’s a far cry from the combined .473 win percentage those teams had last season.

It also means the winless Raiders are heading to Miami next weekend to face their third straight undefeated team.