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Raiders land at 18 among Forbes most valuable NFL franchises which is a long way from where they were couple years ago

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Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Each year Forbes magazine puts out their estimated franchise valuations across the sports world. Usually they just do a Top 50 for all sports franchises. As you might expect, over the years NFL teams make up a large portion of those 50 franchises.

From the years 2013-2016 the Raiders were not among the Top 50 most valuable sports franchises. As recent as 2015, their estimated value sat at $1.43 billion, with it figuring to holding steady around that value in 2016 as well.

Come 2017, the team announced the move to Las Vegas and with the new state of the art facility, their estimated value shot up to $2.1 billion, putting them as the 20th ranked NFL team, and just creeping into the Top 50 sports franchises for the first time in four years.

This year they moved up again to 18th among NFL teams with an estimated worth of $2.42 billion.

For some perspective, the averaged worth of NFL teams is $2.57 billion, so the Raider are still below that. They are also worth less than half that of the Cowboys, who are the highest valued franchise at $5 billion. There is a steep drop to the number two spot where the Patriots are said to be worth $3.8 billion. After that the decline is less rapid from team to team.

For what that’s worth.