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Baker Mayfield electrifies Cleveland to first win in two years and Browns’ next stop is Oakland

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Tonight Baker Mayfield is America’s sweetheart and the toast of Cleveland. Next week he’ll be making his first start in Oakland.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

With under two minutes left in the first half and the Browns down 14-0 to the Jets. Tyrod Taylor was looking like a complete disaster, completing just 4 of 14 passes with negative passing yards when factoring in lost yardage on sacks. Then he went down. And the Baker Mayfield era in Cleveland began.

Mayfield entered the game and promptly drove the Browns down the field going 3 of 4 for 47 yards to set up the field goal to send the Browns into the locker room with points on the board.

Taylor was ruled out with a concussion. But really it was the play of Mayfield that said there was no chance he was coming back.

The third quarter brought more excitement. Mayfield led the Browns to two scores in the third quarter, capping it with a touchdown drive and a direct snap on the two-point conversion that had Jarvis Landry throw to Mayfield for the score.

In a little over a quarter, the Browns went from scoreless and hopeless to tie game and every football fan in America’s heart pounding to see if the Browns could end their streak of futility.

Mayfield would have to come from behind again in this game. The Jets would add a field goal to go up 17-14. So, it was time for more heroics from Mayfield. And he delivered.

With a little under nine minutes left in the game, the Browns got the ball back and Mayfield led them on a 7-minute drive for a touchdown. In the process, he converted two third downs.

Down 21-17 with two minutes remaining, Sam Darnold — who was selected two picks after Mayfield in this year’s draft — threw two interceptions. And fittingly, Mayfield came out and took the victory formation in his first appearance for the Browns.

Giving them their first win since 2016 and their second win since 2015.

Mayfield finished going 17 of 21 for 201 yards and a 100.1 passer rating.

There is no doubt Mayfield will be named the starter after this one. And he will get his first NFL start in Oakland next Sunday coming off a long week.

This is gonna get real interesting.