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With vastly different fan predictions for Dolphins vs Raiders, oddsmakers become voice of reason

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The results of our FanPulse survey for Raider Nation vs Dolphins fans on their match-up in Miami yielded very different results.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In most cases, fans hold considerably more faith in their team than the general public or those who are paid to predict games objectively. So, it’s hard to really trust a fan prediction of a game.

Take the Raiders vs Dolphins in Miami this week. We sent out out FanPulse polls across the SB Nation network to get their score predictions. That means Raiders fans prediction how the Raiders will do and Dolphins fans predicting the Dolphins.

As you might expect, each team’s fans think their team will win the contest. Where it gets interesting is when you compare those findings with where the two teams stand according to oddsmakers.

Raiders FanPulse: Raiders by 4

Dolphins FanPulse: Dolphins by 9

Oddsmakers: Dolphins by 3

Clearly oddsmakers think both Raiders fans and Dolphins fans should equally pump the brakes. They split these two predictions pretty much right down the middle; -6 from Dolphins fans predictions and -7 from Raiders fans.

Last week the FalPulse results versus the oddsmakers told a similar story with an 11-point difference in fan predictions while this week holds a 13-point difference.

The result of the game in Denver was the Raiders losing to the Broncos, but the Broncos didn’t cover the spread, winning by one point with a 6-point advantage in the line.

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