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Raiders at Dolphins recap, final score 28-20: Oakland falls apart in the 4th quarter again, beaten by another late comeback

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Wearing all black in the Miami heat, the Raiders received the opening kick off against the Miami Dolphins. It took just 4 plays to go 75 yards for the Raiders to score on a 12 yard touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson to make the score 7-0. The touchdown came so quickly thanks to a 61 yard catch and run from Jordy Nelson on just the 2nd play of the game before catching the touchdown two plays later.

The Raiders got the ball back even quicker thanks to forcing a 3 and out after Gareon Conley very nearly intercepted the 3rd down play. Oakland started at their own 4 yard line after a booming Miami punt but again Jordy Nelson got loose for a big play, this one a catch and run for 66 yards. It helped lead Oakland all the way down to the 1 yard line but they tried to run the fullback Keith Smith from there on 4th and 1. Tried as in did not get it, Smith got stuffed so the Raiders turned the ball over on downs.

Miami only managed one first down on their drive and their bad punt gave Oakland the ball at their own 41. The Raiders drive only lasted one play though because Carr threw deep to a triple covered Amari Cooper. The ball looked like a punt with the Dolphins easily intercepting the ball after Cooper gave up on the play thinking no way that Carr throws that ball.

The two teams traded off failed drives after that, but the Dolphins got the way better end in field position after getting the ball at the Raiders 35 because of Johnny Townsend’s awful punt from the end zone. They scored a couple plays into their drive on a deep pass to Kenny Stills, the 34 yard touchdown reception tied the score at 7.

Oakland’s offense went 3 and out but got bailed out by an ugly penalty on the Dolphins where Akeem Spence ripped off Kelechi Osemele’s helmet. The penalty negated a huge 3rd down sack and resulted in Spence being ejected in the game. The Raiders took advantage of the penalty by getting a field goal to make the score 10-7. Oakland got all the way down to the 2 but a false start on Kolton Miller on 3rd down led to settling for the 25 yard field goal.

Miami was primed to score on an impressive drive before it stalled thanks to a ridiculously bad offensive pass interference penalty. After the horrible penalty call negated a 1st down reception, the Raiders followed it up with a huge sack from Clinton McDonald on 3rd down to force a Miami punt. Oakland kneeled the remaining time of the half off so the Raiders had a 10-7 lead at halftime.

The Dolphins deferred the opening kickoff so they began the 2nd half with the ball but quickly had to punt after they failed to get a first down. The Raiders did not have the same problem, they methodically drove down for a touchdown on a play, yard drive. They got the touchdown by running Marshawn Lynch from the 1 like they should have when they turned the ball over on downs in the 1st half. Lynch went airborne for the score jumping over the pile like my namesake Marcus Allen used to do to make it a 17-7 game.

This time Miami didn’t have a problem moving the ball, they matched the Raiders touchdown to make the score 17-14. They slashed right through the Oakland defense and eventually scored on a 18 yard touchdown catch and run from receiver Jakeem Grant. It took just 4 plays and covered 70 yards in 2:03.

The two teams traded possessions the next 3 drives before the Dolphins got going again on offense. They scored on the 2nd play of their drive on a trick play. They did a WR reverse with the receiver Albert Wilson then throwing to a wide open Jakeem Grant who just had to make one tackler miss on the way to the end zone. The 52 yard score gave the Dolphins their first lead of the game at 21-17.

It looked like Oakland was finally going to score in the 4th quarter as they drove into the red zone on their next drive. However Derek Carr got hit while throwing and tossed the ball up for grabs in the end zone on a 1st down play. Unfortunately it was a Dolphins player who grabbed it for the interception. Then the Dolphins offense scored on a long touchdown run from WR Albert Wilson who sprinted 74 yards on the 2nd play of the drive. The long TD made the score 28-17.

The Raiders got the ball back after that down 11 with 2 minutes left in the game. They did manage to get into Dolphins territory and kick a 52 yard Mike Nugent field goal with 25 seconds left. The kick made the score 28-20, but they didn’t get the onside kick so that’s how the game ended.