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Raider Nation doesn’t share Raiders players, coaches optimism

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Every loss this season has been followed by the likes of Derek Carr and Jon Gruden telling everyone how close the Raiders are to doing great things. It was their ability to put 13 points and have a lead at the half against a tough Rams defense that had them excited after the first loss. It was the close game in Denver and Derek Carr’s passing efficiency that had them thinking good things were on their way after week two loss. And it was being seemingly a few bad plays and mistakes away in Miami that seems to have their confidence unshaken this week.

This week, even Marshawn Lynch chimed in suggesting the Raiders were one play away from being “the most explosive offense in the league” And Derek Carr said Wednesday the Raiders issues are “Very fixable, that’s the good part.”

The confidence level among the fans was 82% at the end of August. After the Khalil Mack trade and the loss to the Rams, it dropped to 51%, but that’s still slightly more confident than not. The loss in Denver didn’t do much to change that number, coming in right at 50%. But the loss in Miami has finally broken their spirits.

As of this week, with the Raiders sitting at 0-3, the Raider Nation confidence has fallen to 32%.

A third of the fans are with Marshawn, or at least clinging to some cautious optimism that this team is a few plays away from putting it together, but the overwhelming majority are feeling like they earned their 0-3 mark and more futility is to follow.

No pass rush, troubles at the tackle spots, inconsistent play from Derek Carr and his receivers, being the oldest team in the league, and fading down the stretch every game figure to be the primary reason why.

I would venture to say a win at home against the Browns would probably change some fans’ minds, but should it? I suppose we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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