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Terrell Owens to receive Hall of Fame ring at half time of Raiders vs 49ers game week 9

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Sixth Annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

After all the anger of Terrell Owens turning down his invitation to attend the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony in Canton Ohio, the recently enshrined receiver will still get the rest of his honors.

Among those honors is receiving his ‘Ring of Excellence’ which is handed out to all living Hall of Fame enshrinees.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced they will be giving Owens his ring at halftime of the Raiders vs 49ers Thursday night game in San Francisco week 9.

Owens played the first eight years of his career with the 49ers. That’s where he first was named All Pro — which he was named three straight years with the 49ers and five times in his career — and had his two best seasons as a pro.

We’ll see if he accepts the invitation to this ceremony.

What I find interesting about all the people who were fightin’ mad about Owens refusing to show up for the ceremony in Canton, and his receiving a ring now, is Ken Stabler was never given either opportunity. They didn’t enshrine him until right after he died. And it took the Senior Committee to do it. And since he was not here to accept it, his family did not receive the Ring of Excellence either.

So, all these Hall of Fame committee members can save their anger about a player not showing up for their ceremony. None of them gave a damn about Stabler getting the shaft for so many years and therefore not given the option of accepting the honor while he was alive.