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In one half of football with Bears, Khalil Mack destroys Packers, takes Raiders soul

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We aren’t even a half of football into Khalil Mack’s career with the Chicago Bears and he has already proven he is worth every penny of what the Bears paid him.

He came in on second down on the first series and immediately pushed right tackle Brian Bulaga back to crash the pocket. The next play, Bulaga held him, but the pass fell incomplete on third down and the Bears declined it to force the punt.

Later on, Mack got more pressure on the outside, which forced Aaron Rodgers to step up and he was sacked by inside pressure (imagine that) and left the game with an apparent knee injury and was carted off the field.

Eliminating the best player in the game who happens to be in your division? That’s a big win.

A few plays later, he created a sack for Roquan Smith.

Mack wasn’t going to be just the guy creating sacks for other though. The first drive with DeShone Kizer in for Rodgers ended like this:

Mack got around the edge again and Kizer ran right to him, but taking the gimme sack wasn’t enough. He ripped the ball out of Kizer’s arms for the literal take-away.

As a Raiders fan, you got used to seeing this kind of incredible play. Though it seems a lot of Raiders fans conveniently forgot that over the past week. If they were watching tonight, they got a rude reminder. And so did Jon Gruden.

That takeaway was reminiscent of the pick six he had at point blank range against Cam Newton and the Panthers in 2016. Oh speaking of pick six... HE HAD ONE OF THOSE TOO!

I can’t wait to see what the second half of just this game brings. The Packers are up 17-0. Don’t tell me Mack can’t be a one-man wrecking crew. Screw your supposed 7 other players you could sign instead.

I know, I know, “move on” right? Well, as long as Khalil Mack continues to...well, be Khalil Mack, he is not going to let the Raiders move on. We are 30 minutes into a long time Mack will remind the Raiders and Jon Gruden of just how stupid they were to trade him.