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Here’s which teams Raiders fans will be rooting for in the NFL Playoff Divisional round

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the NFL playoffs and I don’t care who you are or who you root for, if you are a fan of an NFL team, you will have a rooting interest in the result of the four Divisional round playoff games this weekend.

In some cases, it’s just hating one team so much you are going with who they’re playing. In other instances, it actually makes practical sense from a team standpoint.

Here are how most Raiders fans will be hoping this weekend plays out.

Chargers to beat Patriots

I wasn’t entirely sure what would mean more to Raider Nation in this match-up. After all, it’s a division rival against the hated Patriots. But overwhelmingly Raiders fans said they will be Chargers fans this weekend. I can’t blame them, either. No one wants to see the Patriots win another game. The quicker their offseason starts the better.

Colts to beat Chiefs

Obviously, no Raiders fan wants to see the Chiefs win. However, based on the results of the other poll we put out, this interest comes with a slight stipulation — that the above game goes the Chargers way. Because if the Chiefs lose and the Patriots win, the AFC Championship will go through Foxboro and Raiders fans are torn about that. The poll as of today was at 51% to 49% only slightly favoring a Chiefs loss should it mean the Pats host the AFC Championship. But everyone agrees, best case scenario is Colts vs Chargers in the AFC Championship. Not to mention it would be hilarious if it were to be played at tiny StubHub arena.

Rams to beat Cowboys

This one holds practical sense more than it does any rooting interest. The Raiders get the Cowboys’ first round pick, so the sooner they exit the playoffs, the better that pick will be. That should overrule Raiders fans feelings about either the Rams or the Cowboys.

Eagles to beat Saints

I’m sure most Raiders fans have no real strong feelings one way or the other about these two teams. I mean aside from having a special place in their hearts for the Eagles after taking out the Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl. But there is also a practical interest here. The Eagles finished the season 9-7. That means if they lose this game, they will have the best draft pick of any team that could lose this weekend — pick 25 — ahead of the Cowboys pick which belongs to the Raiders. The only chance the Raiders have at the 25th pick is if the Eagles and Colts win. If all three teams lose, the Raiders will select at 27.

So, are you all ready to be Colts, Chargers, Rams, and Eagles fans this weekend? Make sure you know when each team is playing, so you can don the appropriate jersey (I kid, I kid). Find that here.