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Reports: Raiders not expected to be among teams looking to make trade for Antonio Brown, but could he be coming to AFC West?

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Pittsburgh Steelers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

It wouldn’t make a lot of sense for the Raiders to make a trade for Antonio Brown. They traded away top receiver Amari Cooper to rebuild and Khalil Mack because they didn’t want to pay him market value. A trade for Brown would go against both those plans as he is 31 years old and carries a salary over $20 million.

Reports have several team listed as potential suitors for Brown, however. The list is a fairly long one, with NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport putting the Denver Broncos as the team to watch.

The long list of other potential teams that are expected to place a bid include the 49ers, Colts, Ravens, Browns, Patriots, Jets, Seahawks, Saints, Packers, and Eagles.

The Steelers are said to be thinking they can get a first round pick for Brown, while Rapoport says other teams are thinking more along the lines of a second round pick or lower.

It seems to me that whether it would be a first round pick or a second rounder would depend on where the interested team is selecting in the draft. If it’s the Colts, Patriots, Saints, Seahawks, Ravens, or Eagles, maybe a first round pick would happen as they all have picks in the bottom part of the first round.

No way would the 49ers or Jets part with a top pick as they pick at 2 and 3 overall of the draft. They would be offering the second round or lower. Likewise for the Broncos who own the 9th overall pick. Same probably goes for the Packers as they pick at 12 overall. Who knows what the Browns would do.