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With Raiders worst case scenario for AFC Championship, which team does Raider Nation most want to lose: Chiefs or Patriots?

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We know this one won’t be about which team you like the best but which you hate the least.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

We all knew going into this year’s playoffs who the last two teams Raiders fans wanted to see in the AFC Championship were. Unfortunately those two teams were the top seeds and played like it in the Divisional round.

The Chiefs blew out the Colts 31-13 and the Patriots outclassed the Chargers 41-28 in a game that was not nearly that close. Now the two teams, both considerably hated by Raiders fans — the Chiefs for being a long bitter rival and the Patriots for the notorious Tuck Rule game, all the cheating, and just because everyone is sick of them — face off for the right to head to the Super Bowl.

This will be the second meeting this season between these two teams. The first meeting took place in week six at Foxboro where the Chiefs were narrowly defeated 43-40. This game will take place at Arrowhead.

I realize regardless of who wins this game, it will be at best bittersweet for Raider Nation. You will root for one to lose and then have to level with actually celebrating that knowing the other team is going to win and represent the AFC West in the Super Bowl.

Regardless, I assume if you plan to watch the game you will lean one way or the other. Let’s see which way you guys lean.


Which team will you be hoping knocks off the other in the AFC Championship?

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