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Raiders owner Mark Davis calls report he will meet with Oakland Coliseum Authority this week ‘absolutely false’

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Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

It’s a never ending saga around when it comes to the Raiders and the City of Oakland. Just hours after Coliseum Authority Executive Director Scott McKibben told the Mercury News that they had a meeting with the Raiders scheduled this week and it was on the docket for Friday, Mark Davis refutes at least his part in it, telling ESPN that’s “Absolutely false.”

Last month the City filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the Raiders and the NFL, prompting the team to pull their $7.5 million offer to lease the Coliseum for 2019 before leaving for Las Vegas. At that time, Davis suggest Oakland was still a possibility when he said that “for the fans, it’s something I’ve got to think about.”

McKibben said in the recent report that “Once the Raiders have completed all their research on other places we will sit down and talk one last time.”

That would seem to be the case at this point and the team has a couple of weeks to figure out where they are playing home games next season before the deadline Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The AP has since reported there will be a Coliseum Board meeting about the Raiders lease, but it will not include anyone from the Raiders.

Authority executive director Scott McKibben said he will update the board in closed session on where things stand between the Raiders and the Coliseum following a lawsuit filed by the city of Oakland against the team and the NFL last month. No Raiders officials will be present.

There is no perfect option here for the Raiders. Aside from Oakland where there is clearly a great deal of bad blood, the other two strong possibilities for them to play in 2019 are also not ideal. The NFL likes the idea of them sharing Levi’s Stadium with the 49ers, but Mark Davis doesn’t like that idea either. And Oracle (formerly AT&T) Park in San Francisco is a baseball park and not one that is so easily converted into a football stadium.

Hopefully this isn’t Mark Davis refusing to meet with the Coliseum Authority because that would simply be unnecessarily cutting off an option. The simplest and most logical option at that.