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Raiders have second longest odds to win Super Bowl 54

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The odds are out for the 2020 Super Bowl.

NFL: International Series-Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Even though Super Bowl 53 is still a couple weeks away, we have the first Super Bowl 54 odds courtesy of Super Book USA. Not surprisingly the top four teams as far as odds to win next year’s Super Bowl are the four teams who this weekend will be vying for this year’s Super Bowl.

The Raiders are long shots to say the least. While their AFC West counterparts make up two of the top five odds. Here are all the Super Bowl 54 odds from across the NFL.

Rams 6-1

Chiefs 7-1

Saints 8-1

Patriots 10-1

Chargers 12-1

Bears 12-1

Steelers 14-1

Packers 16-1

Vikings 16-1

Colts 20-1

Cowboys 20-1

Eagles 20-1

Ravens 20-1

Browns 30-1

Falcons 30-1

Jaguars 30-1

Seahawks 30-1

Texans 30-1

49ers 40-1

Giants 40-1

Panthers 40-1

Buccaneers 60-1

Titans 60-1

Broncos 80-1

Bengals 100-1

Bills 100-1

Cardinals 100-1

Jets 100-1

Lions 100-1

Raiders 100-1

Washington 100-1

Dolphins 300-1

Not sure I fully understand why the Dolphins are so far rock bottom like this. their 300-1 odds are the only thing keeping the Raiders from being tied for the longest odds.