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Raiders GM Mike Mayock in attendance at NFLPA Bowl practices: Here are the rosters he will get a chance to see

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NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

There are a couple college football All Star games happening this weekend — the Shrine game and the NFLPA Bowl. Both designed to showcase NFL draft eligible players. Each holding practices throughout this week. At least for today, Mike Mayock has chosen the NFLPA Bowl.

It’s certainly a shorter trip for Mayock to attend the NFLPA Bowl practices as they are in Southern California with the game happening at the Rose Bowl Saturday.

The Shrine game is happening on the opposite side of the country in St Petersburg Florida. It’s certainly possible Mayock gets what he needs from the NFLPA practices and hops a flight to St Petersburg.

The Shrine game is the more established of the two All Star games, so it attracts higher profile prospects, but the NFLPA Bowl will have some under-the-radar guys in it, which in some ways could make it more valuable for Mayock to attend as he may not have gotten to see much tape on these prospects prior to today.

Here are the rosters of players he could get a chance to look at: