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The rest of the AFC West will be rooting for the Chiefs to beat the Patriots in AFC Championship

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Even fans of Chiefs biggest rivals are rooting for them to take down the Patriots.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It really is true that everyone who isn’t on the Patriots bandwagon hates them. The Patriots are trying reaaally hard to drum up this narrative that everyone thinks they “suck” or is “betting against them.” That ain’t it. We aren’t all predicting the Patriots will lose. We just very much want them to lose.

Fan Pulse put out a poll this week asking fans which team they most want to lose this weekend, and overwhelmingly, the Patriots were the top answer — 69% (Nice). And this was a poll that included the NFC teams as well, mind you.

Ok, so that covers fans of all 32 NFL teams, including the Chiefs. What about the Chiefs rival AFC West teams? After all, each fan base was polled earlier this season as to whom their biggest rival is and every one said the Chiefs. Surely fans of the Broncos, Raiders, and Chargers would want the Chiefs to lose most.

Nope. Not even close

Each of the AFC West SB Nation blogs polled their readers this week. And the results were pretty consistent with the rest of the league’s fans — the Patriots must go down.

We put out a poll earlier this week asking Raiders fans who they will be rooting for. The result: 56% said Chiefs.

The same day Mile High Report put out a poll to Broncos fans — who Chiefs fans said was their biggest rival. And it was even MORE lopsided (59%) in rooting for the Chiefs.

And finally Friday Chargers — who lost to the Patriots in the Divisional round — site Bols From the Blue polled fans (the few there are). And the scale tipped to nearly three quarters (72%) rooting for the Chiefs to win it.

Combined over the three rival fanbases, 59% will be begrudgingly rooting for the Chiefs to win it because they are facing probably the one team they hate even more.

Sorry, Patriots. Even hated rivals put aside that hatred to hate you more. Don’t leave mad. Just leave.