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Raiders provide partial PSL refunds to ‘couple hundred’ fans to make Vegas tickets more affordable

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NFL: Las Vegas Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A major concern for teams when they relocate to a brand-new stadium is pricing out the existing fan base. It has happened in Santa Clara with the San Francisco 49ers and will likely happen with the Golden State Warriors once they move to San Francisco.

The Oakland Raiders, who are moving to Las Vegas in 2020, are hoping that they can mitigate the impact of pricing out die-hard fans. As such, the team adjusted the PSLs for a “couple hundred fans” including one fan who received a refund of $2,850 when the Raiders adjusted his PSL from $7,000 to $5,500, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Marc Badain emphasized the importance of making Las Vegas affordable when he was contacted on Friday according to Silver and Black Today.

“We had the first two phases of PSL sales – the Club seats and then Phase II – and now we’re into the third deck and pricing level,” Badain said by phone. “We’ve said all along we’d have PSLs priced differently to make it affordable for as many fans as possible and this is another indication of that.”

The organization has made it clear during its lame-duck time in Oakland that it wants to make tickets affordable for all of Raider Nation. And the recent gestures toward the future PSL owners in Las Vegas is evidence of that.

That being said, the information coming thus far doesn’t state how much in total money was refunded aside from the Raiders saying they issued a couple hundred refunds. The only exact number so far is the fan on Twitter showing he was refunded $2,850.