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2018 NFL predictions, picks against the spread final results

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Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Greetings, Raider Nation! The 2018 NFL regular season is in the books and so is the S&BP Staff Spread Picks competition, which was won by Ryan Lipton as he dunked on the rest of the field. Here’s the final standings for the spread picks, with last week’s record underneath:

S&BP Spread Picks Final Standings

Ryan BD Will Tyler G Levi Tyler Evan G Marcus
Ryan BD Will Tyler G Levi Tyler Evan G Marcus
136-108-12 130-114-12 128-116-12 125-119-12 117-127-12 112-132-12 103-141-12
12-4 11-5 12-4 11-5 8-8 10-6 11-5

Ryan took the lead from Levi about halfway through the season and never gave it up, only falling into a tie for first place once. He clearly figured this spread thing out better than any of the rest of us, and the overall total lack of success we had as a group should be a cautionary tale to never bet on sports- particularly the NBA, which in the past has been rigged by its own degenerate gambler referees. Four of us had winning records and three didn’t, but overall I’d say if we had done this in Vegas we’d be down money collectively. For instance, several of us picked the Raiders this week, and that was honestly where the smart money was, but we all saw what happened.

The Community Pick ‘Em, which was not against the spread, was won in similarly dominant fashion by your wire-to-wire winner, Sorry Jack Chucky’s Back. Here are the final regular season standings:

Community Picks Final Standings

1 Sorry Jack Chucky's Back 173 173-81
2 Adds99 162 162-92
3 hamsterwmca 162 162-92
4 Nor*Cal 160 160-94
5 Mooniac 160 160-94
6 Silver and Black Beard 159 159-95
7 BKRAIDER85 159 159-95
8 Allen389 159 159-95
9 J-MAN 159 159-95
10 (finger) 159 159-95
11 uk_raider 158 158-96
12 BLITZNAKOFF 158 158-96
1 Adds99 14 162
2 JackTatumHOF 14 154
3 Blackenstein 14 153
4 Nor*Cal 13 160
5 RaiderBorn 13 154
6 Mooniac 13 160
7 PriceCube 13 141
8 20rcrow 13 157
9 Raiderheat 13 153
10 Sorry Jack Chucky's Back 13 173
11 hamsterwmca 13 162
12 Silver and Black Beard 13 159
13 KYRaider 13 140

So congrats to both the winners, and their set of fabulous prizes may or may not include a trip to beautiful Barstow and a deep sense of pride and accomplishment. The Playoffs are upon us, and they will have their own pick ‘em contests, so watch for those in the coming days.